So You’ve Got Followers. Where Should You Lead Them?

Kim Orlando, blogger and founder of, is back this week with more social media advice. However, this time Kim shares her thoughts on how to lead your followers once you’ve got them hooked. Click here if you missed last week’s post on “Why You Must Adapt to Social Media”. Part Two: “So You’ve Got … Continue reading

Why You Must Adapt to Social Media

During Travel Exchange ’13, Kim Orlando, blogger and founder of, gave a mini-presentation on the show floor on marketing your business with viral videos and gave a quick tutorial to the audience. (If you missed out, you can listen to the audio clip here.) For the next four weeks, Orlando, will be featured right … Continue reading

On the Go: 8 Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Smartphone

Smartphones have forever changed the way we communicate. And because of advancements in mobile technology, especially the camera feature, most people have ditched the traditional point-and-shoot cameras for their own mobile device. Now with sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and personal blogs, it’s easier than ever to share photos straight from your phone directly … Continue reading

‘A relatively, healthy and painless way to contribute to something that’s terribly important’

NTA 2013 Chairman Mark Hoffman’s entire perspective on government relations has changed. Seventeen years ago Mark sat in on his first NTA government relations committee meeting. Since then, he’s been highly involved in NTA’s GR efforts and attends NTA’s annual march on Capitol Hill each spring. (Previous iterations of what is now Destination: Capitol Hill.) … Continue reading

The Millennial Mindset

Yesterday, NTA Board Member Cathleen Johnson of Edelman gave a presentation based on Edelman’s “8095” generational study to the NTA board of directors at their meeting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. (Johnson will also lead a seminar at Travel Exchange, “Pathway to Understanding the Millennial Generation,” at 8:15 Thursday morning, Jan. 24.) Her presentation at the board … Continue reading

Your Perfect Week at Travel Exchange: Checklist for Suppliers and DMOs

Convention week is a big week and you have a lofty goal: squeeze in as many business-building opportunities, appointments, seminars and fun as humanly possible. Right?! To help you realize that goal (Do Big Things!), here’s a personal checklist for achieving an ideal week at Travel Exchange. This chronological, jam-packed agenda will help you tick … Continue reading

It Can Do That?!: 21 Tips & Tricks for Using Your iPad

So you might know the basics of your iPad, but the device has many helpful features that might be underutilized. Here are 20 tips and tricks that might make you ask, “It can do that?!” (P.S. Be sure your iPad’s operating system is updated to iOS5 to access all these features.) How to Lock your … Continue reading

A $3-Million Week

An interview with Aniseh Dalju of Destination America is featured in the August 2012 issue of Courier, NTA’s official magazine. This is an excerpt from the interview: Why she contracted more than $3 million on NTA’s convention floor last year. “NTA was the perfect place to finalize and literally put the ink to paper and … Continue reading

Making the Most of Your Time

When you’re doing big things in your business, you most likely have a handle on how you spend your time. You have an idea of what’s happening each day, which hands you need to shake and why, and how to improvise when an impromptu meeting makes its mark on your schedule. Either way, you’re making … Continue reading

Doing Big Things by Looking at the ‘Bigger Picture’

When Mark Tenholder joined the Crowne Plaza St. Louis Downtown as director of sales, he saw a big opportunity. “I’m in downtown St. Louis, right next to the arch, and they were doing maybe 10 group tours every year,” said Mark. “For the location, that was not acceptable.” One of Mark’s first steps was to … Continue reading