Hoteliers: Five Ways to Green Your Hotel

Solar_panelsEco-elegance is far from a new concept to the travel industry and the Do Big Things blog, as we’ve examined these issues in previous posts (see “Follow these Green Steps to Reduce Your Ecological Footprint” and “Green Your Routine”). From the frontlines of assessing innovative green building materials and technologies, entrepreneurial independent contractor Sam Marquit joins us this week as a guest blogger. Marquit, who is a home renovation/remodeling expert in New York, will evaluate unique steps taken by hoteliers to reduce their eco-impact.

Innovation and the Travel Industry
What does your company do to traverse the planet-friendly landscape? From recycling bins to car-pooling and public transportation, people in every industry are stepping up their green game. The travel industry is no exception. Below are five ways that hoteliers are implementing low-impact practices and the brands that are incorporating them, and how you can, too!

    1. Wind Turbines
      Environmentally conscience decision-makers at the Hilton in Fort Lauderdale installed six wind turbines on top of the building to decrease dependence on electricity. Harnessing this energy has reduced operating costs and urged the folks at Hilton to search for other ways to go green.
    2. Solar Energy
      Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide recently expanded its use of renewable energy at all of its properties, beginning with the Virgin Island location. The addition of a 1.3-megawatt solar array was the first step in achieving this chain’s goal of reducing energy and water consumption by 2020 throughout its entire network of hotels.
    3. Biodiesel
      Hilton Americas chose to reduce its level of greenhouse gas emission by 78 percent, using biodiesel as an alternative fuel source. By adapting this sustainable measure, a Texas-based hotel became the first in the state to earn the certified Green Seal.
    4. Geothermal Heat
      Renovations to the Romantik Hotel in Switzerland included reducing energy consumption by 64 percent. Installing the 16 thermal loops that harness energy from geothermal heat also earned this swanky site a highly coveted Swiss Solar Award.
    5. Waste and Biogas Plants
      Taj Hotel’s Jai Mahal Palace in India shows its visitors firsthand how it repurpose excess kitchen and garden waste by offering tours of their biogas plant. Many hotels throughout the world utilize waste in this way. The resulting energy can be used for heating purposes and even has the potential to replace gasoline.

These companies have taken considerable measures to reduce what once was a very large carbon footprint, and you can too! As the New Year quickly approaches, ask yourself, “What can I do to step up my green game?”

Questions? Comments? Reach out to Sam Marquit via his blog, here!


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