What Should You Talk About?

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As part of a four-week series, Kim Orlando, blogger and founder of TravelingMom.com, joins us again for the third week in a row offering more no-nonsense social media advice. In this post, Orlando discusses the “Rules of Engagement” and what to say when speaking to your readers. Follow along below to learn what you should talk about. (Click here if you missed last week’s post, “So You’ve Got Followers. Where Should You Lead Them?” )

Part Three: What Should You Talk About?

Think of social media as advertising, but in a more personal way. This is about building your brand as a trusted source–for travel tips, for information on the area, for insider’s knowledge. Once followers trust you for that, they’ll be more receptive to your marketing message. Now, let’s go over what exactly you should talk about.

Rules of Engagement:

  1. On Facebook, plan one post per day. No more than two posts per week can be self-promotional. And, at least one of those should offer a deal–two for one drinks, kids eat free, buy two nights, get the third free, etc.
  2. On Twitter, plan to tweet 10-12 times per day, spaced out to no more than one tweet per hour (Later on, I will discuss using a scheduling tool so the tweet goes out automatically at the appointed time), with no more than one in ten tweets self-promotional.
  3. Remember: Social media is about the engagement – a two-way conversation. Tweet and post about what’s important to your readers, solve their problems, be relevant, inform and entertain them.
  4. And remember your partners. Tour operators can offer some social media love about the great attraction customers will see. CVBs can tout cool things members are doing. Add that company’s Twitter handle to your tweet in the expectation the partner will re-Tweet to its followers, expanding your message and your reach.

Stay tuned for next week’s topic on “Prompts for Writing Great Tweets and Facebook Posts”

If you have any questions for Kim Orlando, or would like to reach out, email her at korlando@travelingmom.com. You can also follow her on Twitter, @travelingmoms.

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