So You’ve Got Followers. Where Should You Lead Them?


Kim Orlando, blogger and founder of, is back this week with more social media advice. However, this time Kim shares her thoughts on how to lead your followers once you’ve got them hooked. Click here if you missed last week’s post on “Why You Must Adapt to Social Media”.

Part Two: “So You’ve Got Followers. Where Should You Lead Them?”

Once you have friends, fans and followers, how do you lead them to visit your destination, buy your product or patronize your company?

  1. Engage them. Ask your Facebook fans. Converse with Twitter followers. Invite people to share their stories.
  2. Entertain them. Quotes and quips are the most often re-Tweeted tweets on Twitter. Offer tips, advice and words of wisdom.
  3. Educate them. Look for people who need help and offer your expertise. NOT your product, your expertise. For example, if someone needs to know what to do with teens in Kentucky, offer ideas that go beyond your property. But remember, this isn’t pandering, it’s building relationships.
  4. Enlighten them. Let them know what you can do for them. If a customer tweets a problem, answer quickly, sympathetically and helpfully.

We all know that there isn’t enough time in the day. So make time! The time invested can be minimal. Set aside 30 minutes a day to spend on social media, 15 minutes at the start of your day and 15 minutes at the end. Why? In the morning, you can start the conversation–ask a question, offer a tip, etc.–and at the end of the day, you can close the loop with followers.

You know how it feels when you write a letter to a company and get no response, right? Don’t let that happen to your customers. Never let any tweet, Facebook post or other social media engagement go unacknowledged for 24 hours.

Stay tuned for next week’s topic on “What Should You Talk About?”

If you have any questions for Kim Orlando, or would like to reach out, email her at You can also follow her on Twitter, @travelingmoms.

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