Why You Must Adapt to Social Media

Kim Orlando

During Travel Exchange ’13, Kim Orlando, blogger and founder of TravelingMom.com, gave a mini-presentation on the show floor on marketing your business with viral videos and gave a quick tutorial to the audience. (If you missed out, you can listen to the audio clip here.)

For the next four weeks, Orlando, will be featured right here on NTA’s Do Big Things Blog. Her no-nonsense guide to why social media is important in growing your business and why it’s crucial to survival, begins here:

Part One: “Why You Must Adapt to Social Media”

The top 3 reasons your destination or company is not using social media:

  1. No time.
  2. No interest.
  3. No knowledge.

And the top 4 reasons why it’s time you got over yourself:

  1. Social media is where your customers are.
  2. Social media is advertising, only more personal.
  3. Social media is free (sort of).
  4. Social media grows exponentially–if your customers love you, they will let their friends and followers know. Same if they hate you–so you’d better be where they are so you know what your customers are saying.

You know social media is where you need to be. So how do you get there without making yourself crazy?

  • Start where you’re most comfortable. If you already use Facebook every day to keep in touch in your personal life, start a fan page for your destination or company.
  • Leverage your own personal and professional networks. Ask your Facebook friends, invite your entire email address book. Then add the link to your email signature, your business card and all communications so it’s easy for people to find you on Facebook and/or follow you on Twitter.

Stay tuned for next week’s topic on “So You’ve Got Followers. Where Should You Lead Them?”

If you have any questions for Kim Orlando, or would like to reach out, email her at korlando@travelingmom.com. You can also follow her on Twitter, @travelingmoms.

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