‘A relatively, healthy and painless way to contribute to something that’s terribly important’

NTA 2013 Chairman Mark Hoffman’s entire perspective on government relations has changed. Seventeen years ago Mark sat in on his first NTA government relations committee meeting. Since then, he’s been highly involved in NTA’s GR efforts and attends NTA’s annual march on Capitol Hill each spring. (Previous iterations of what is now Destination: Capitol Hill.)

Prior to his first GR meeting in 1995, Mark’s opinions and views on government were quite different; he didn’t see the need to be a part of it. But he took the opportunity to participate through NTA, anyway. After sitting in the committee room a few times, he recalls, thinking to himself, “my goodness, there’s a whole lot more to this than I realized.”

Simply put, his involvement in NTA government relations opened his eyes to how things really work in Washington. “It’s a relatively, healthy and painless way to contribute to something that’s terribly important,” he says.

This April 10-11, you too can experience the power you have to make a difference. Join your fellow colleagues from across the country to meet on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to discuss issues directly affecting the tour and travel industry. Click here to learn more about Destination: Capitol Hill and to register.

If you plan on attending or want information on how to talk to your legislators, listen to the audio links below for key pointers from Jim Santini, former NTA legislator and U.S. representative for the state of Nevada. Here’s what he has to say:

A list of NTA’s legislative priorities is here in the March issue of Courier magazine. You can also read more advocacy tips and tricks from Jim here.


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