What are You Loving This Month? (Part 2)

“What are You Loving This Month?”

We’ve been posing that open-ended question to some of your fellow NTA members and their responses continue to give us interesting peeks into their worlds.

“Pinterest. I am loving that new social media platform.”

— Lisa Itel, Travel Oregon

“This month I am loving Seth Godin’s blog. Starting your day off with a little Seth Godin will open your brain and get you thinking about all the opportunities and possibilities for the day! And he offers great resources on his blog, including a 2012 book list that he says, ‘will remain the tool of choice for impacting the way people think.’”

— Elizabeth Baranik, Hard Rock International

“Travel Research Online Travelgram. I take a quick look at the headlines that are categorized into different segments of the travel industry, have a quick overview of pertinent news, trends and ideas and then take a closer, more in depth look of any item that I may be more interested in.”

— Richard Maxcy, Agri Travel Services

“I am loving the new Facebook timeline pages. Some people are doing really awesome things by showcasing their brand history through time! The San Diego Chargers have posted highlight reels from their history, for example – and being the social media and sports nerd that I am, I am loving it. I hope more brands jump on it soon, especially those in the travel industry.”

— Dené Sinclair, Travel Manitoba

What about you … What are YOU loving this month? Tell us in the comments section below, or e-mail marketing@ntastaff.com to be featured in future blogs.


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