What are You Loving This Month?

“What are You Loving This Month?”

We posed that open-ended question to some of your fellow NTA members and their responses give us an interesting peek into their worlds at that particular moment.

“I am loving Words With Friends. It’s a great way to space out at the end of the day, whether playing with friends, family or even challenging strangers. Playing with my adult kids has given me almost a daily contact with them.”

— Jay Smith, Sports Travel and Tours

“I’m loving the new Visit California iPad app. As you zoom in on the area of California you are planning to visit, all of the things to see and do in that area pop up with links and quick facts.”

— Paul Nakamoto, Roaring Camp Railroads

“I am loving three things right now:

  1. The Chipotle iPad/iPhone app. Talk about streamlining the process – I place my order in seconds, pay in advance, stroll into the store 15 minutes later and my food is ready and waiting on me. It’s a thing of beauty.
  2. “Justified,” the TV show on FX. It’s in its third season, and Raylan Givens is better than Jack Bauer any day of the week.
  3. House hunting. It’s an addictive process and I’m seeing some incredible opportunities out there. Can’t wait to find the fixer upper of my dreams!”

— Brad Lattin, Sunsational Tours


What about you … What are YOU loving this month? Tell us in the comments section below, or e-mail marketing@ntastaff.com to be featured in future blogs.

One Response to “What are You Loving This Month?”
  1. I love Pinterest! An online place to create “boards” and “pin” ideas. From a dream kitchen to a fabulous pair of shoes! The best outfits,or a great recipe. A great resource as well and a future business idea for Sports Travel and Tours, to keep trip pictures and more!

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