What’s Your Big Thing?

“When I plan my tours, I use NTA members. It’s the strength of the organization and its vast supplier and DMO membership that lets an operator like me do big things!”
—Gloria Kenley, Kenley Konnection, NTA member since 1993

2011 was a fun year; a challenging year; a transformative year for the association.

It was NTA’s first year under our self management since 1974. The headquarters moved twice—first into temporary offices and then into our permanent home at 101 Prosperous Place in Lexington, Kentucky. We took Montage to Scotland, held our inaugural Contact in Rhode Island and will head to Vegas for Convention ’11.

Hopefully, you’ve been there with us along the way, either in attendance or through shared takeaways and photos in Courier, in Tuesday or on Facebook and Twitter.

Those are some of the big things we worked on this year at headquarters. We’ve also been planning and arranging and meeting and number-crunching on projects for 2012, 2013 and beyond.

And this has been our focus throughout: How can we help our members do big things? Or . . . continue to do big things. Because we’ve heard the stories from you and you’re doing some pretty remarkable stuff out there.

Despite economic challenges, earthquakes, hurricanes and fires, tours still departed, companies launched new and successful brands, and we’ve heard from some that you are back at work full time, having had to pull back due to the tough economy. Those are all big things.

As your association, we want to provide the new business opportunities, the partnering arenas, the most useful education and the best Business Builders to help you achieve your next big thing. Tell us what it is. Let us know what you want to achieve in your business (or in your life!).

They say a goal is just a dream with a timeline. So, share your goals/dreams with your industry peers so we can do big things together.

4 Responses to “What’s Your Big Thing?”
  1. My goal is to be a part of three consecutive years of membership growth across all three major categories of members (operators, suppliers and DMOs). There are a lot of people who have drifted away. I miss many of them. Many were/are personal friends. I need them to build quality products. We need them back at NTA. I want to be part of making that happen. More members means a healthy association in the future. Big goal.

  2. Ann Buividas says:

    Recently on December 19,2011 La bella vita hosted our annual holiday christmas pizza party…We invited all veterans students and teachers…we all had a blast

  3. My goal for this year is to serve the best I can:
    Benefitting tourism in Washington State as co-chair of the delegation is just the start for what we want to accomplish. Already we are planning to wow NTA/UMA members in Orlando.
    On a personal level, I believe the time is here to start my own receptive tour company and am working on that paperwork as we speak. Sometimes in life, when we believe in something strongly enough, we will be known by our actions to stand on that belief. When my owner cut out NTA from the budget this year, I paid for it out of my own pay rise and when the budget for 2012 made membership more unlikely, I have chosen to take the only steps open to me to maintain my membership of an organisation I have truely grown to love deeply.
    I am called to serve my peers, my colleagues and anyone who believes in the tourism industry and with everything I have, I will do it through NTA. After all, with my Green card having just been renewed this week for another 10 years, America will have to put up with me for a while longer.

  4. Paul Larsen says:

    I could not agree with Mark Hoffman’s comments above more about seeing membership growth across all three major categories of members (operators, suppliers and DMOs). My hope is the new faith based initiative will be a part of that growth and it should be. The committee is just beginning and interest has been good. The objectives ate two fold to obtain new memberships and make NTA the place where this $18 Billion market segment looks to meet their travel needs. As for my personal big goals, I would like to close a 500+ person group to Israel I have been working on for two years, find a home for the two TV series we produced promoting travel to Lutherland and Bavaria, and sell more NTA members products.

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